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Minecraft Collection

Start prepping your tools, because it’s time to mine! Smiggle has partnered with Minecraft to build an exclusive and limited edition collection, perfect for exploring biomes and defeating mobs. Minecraft is an extraordinary building game where you can let your imagination run wild and can build everything from the most basic of homes to the grandest of castles.

Minecraft fans will love exploring new worlds and having exciting new adventures with this Minecraft gear which has been given the Smiggle treatment! It’s time to gather up all your resources, create your dream biome, escape the mobs and travel to the end to defeat the Spider Jockey!

Whether it’s a backpack, lunchbox or even a booksafe, these magnificent Minecraft creations are the perfect way to show off how big a fan of the game you are!

You can keep all your inventory items safe while running from Creepers with our legendary Classic Backpack with an awesome character print filled with iconic elements from the game and sword zip pulls!

Keep your diamond tools locked away, safe from the prying eyes of any hostile mobs with our Minecraft Light Up Booksafe! This safe is specially designed to blend into your bookshelf so no one will ever know its super top secret location!

Fuel up to maximum energy for all your mining adventures with our Minecraft Medium Bento Lunchbox! With 5 different separate leak proof compartments to safely store snacks and encourage a waste free lunchtime this lunchbox is good for our world as well not only the Minecraft one. Plus the secure clip closure makes sure your snacks are safely secured away from menacing Creepers!

Above all you want to stay hydrated to keep running away from Creepers! With our Minecraft Drink Bottle you will always be refreshed and ready to go on adventures thanks to the easy to sip, flip top spout.

Shop the Minecraft collection in all its 24 bit glory online at Smiggle now.